Get prepared now with home insurance

It’s not just a house where you live, it’s your home. The place where memories are made and you feel safe. But bad things happen all the time, which it’s why it is so important to be protected.

Get the best homeowners insurance for you
Covenant offers homeowners insurance policies that cover a lot more than just your house. We are homeowners as well and combined with our insurance expertise we can craft a policy to give you peace of mind.

These are some of coverages you should consider when buying homeowners insurance.

If you're sued, your home insurance needs to cover you for any claims for which you are liable this includes your legal fees. For example, if someone is injured on your property or you damage another person's belongings.

Personal belongings
Clothes, furniture, jewelry, electronics, etc. (even if they're not in your home) should be covered. We'll ask you about your belongings during your home insurance quote.

Hotel and living expenses
If you can't stay at home during repairs, your homeowners insurance covers hotel stays and meals.

What does renters insurance cover?
Renters insurance covers your belongings (clothes, furniture, appliances, electronics, etc.) if they're damaged or stolen. Plus covering any injuries that happen at your place, lawsuits/legal fees if someone sues you and even hotel expenses if you need a place to stay.